What to See and Where to go in Tabasco, Mexico

Where to go in Tabasco

What to See and Where to go in Tabasco, Mexico

With its seventeen municipalities and the capital city of Villahermosa, the Mexican state of Tabasco is situated on the Gulf of Mexico in the southeastern region of the country. Tabasco also borders the states of Chiapas, Veracruz and Campeche, as well as the Central American nation of Guatemala.

Although the name of the state is associated with the Tabasco sauce produced in the USA. UU By the McIlhenny Company. Tabasco is actually more famous as the reputed origin of the cocoa bean, the main ingredient of chocolate.

Where to go in Tabasco for Tourism

The state tourism industry tends to be located along the routes. The route of Villahermosa is famous for its historical, cultural and architectural attractions. The Cocoa Route is composed of several ancient haciendas that show how cocoa beans are harvested and how chocolate is produced. This track also contains important archaeological ruins.

The River Route is based in the interior of the state and includes the lands between the Grijalva and Usumacinta rivers. Other important routes include the Olmeca Zoque Route, the Mountain Adventure Route, and the Biji Yokot'an Route that celebrates the people of Chontal and their crafts.

Where to go in Tabasco

Where to go in Tabasco for Culture

This culturally rich area is famous for its local clothing; The red scarf tied around the neck is still a popular way of dressing. Women in the region still wear long skirts with wide embellishments, while men still wear the traditional dress of white shirts and pants.

In addition to his fashions, Tabasco is also revered for his many dances; Part of their regional music dates back to the Olmec era. Tabasco is also known throughout Mexico for its cuisine based on achiote, turnip, beans, chilies and banana leaves. The state drink is known as pozol, which is made from fermented maize dough and cocoa.

Other Things to See and do in Tabasco

The state capital and the largest city is the famous intermediate point between Mexico City and Cancun. It has many popular tourist and cultural places, such as the Yumka Zoo (where animals freely nest), a main square and the cathedral, a luminous attraction when illuminated at night.

The capital contains famous markets, restaurants and businesses. Other important cities of interest to visitors include Centro, Cárdenas and Comalcalco.

Parque-Museo La Venta: La Venta is located in the Tomás Garrido Canabal Park and features artifacts from the Olmec Civilization. Its grounds contain Olmec ruins and a zoo.

Centla Biosphere Reserve: declared a reserve in 2006, this region is famous for some of its wild inhabitants such as crocodile and Morelet crocodile. Eco-tours are popular activities for visitors to the reserve.

Hacienda La Chonita: an important site of the Ruta del Cacao, this historic hacienda is more than 200 years old and still produces cocoa and sugarcane. The main house is now a popular hostel.

Tabasco is an amazing Mexican state to visit, it caters for every type of traveller. Families, couples, backpackers and thrill seekers can spend a lifetime here. We hope you enjoyed this article about where to go in Tabasco and gives you more options towards your travel plans.

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