What to See and Where to go in Hidalgo, Mexico?

Where to go in Hidalgo

What to See and Where to go in Hidalgo, Mexico?

Hidalgo is among the smallest states in the country with an area near 13 thousand square kilometers. Hidalgo has a population of about 3 million people. The state was created by Benito Juárez, a president of five periods of Mexico, in 1869.

The state is revered for its tourism industry that includes ecotourism, visits to the hacienda, archaeological ruins and natural attractions. Some of the state's indigenous peoples, particularly those in the mountainous regions, retained much of their cultural heritage; today they enjoy a strong identity that influences both politics and culture in the state.


From its state parks to archaeological sites, when finding where to go in Hidalgo has many popular attractions for tourists. The state tourism industry has divided the territory into several corridors. Some corridors, such as mountainous terrain, are popular for eco-tours and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Extreme sports such as rappelling and mountaineering are also popular in mountain and canyon landscapes.

where to go in Hidalgo

The water park corridor, Corredor de los Balnearios, is a region especially friendly for tourists, known for its natural hot springs, spas and water parks. Tourists to Hidalgo also enjoy visiting the historic ruins, colonial era dwellings and archaeological ruins. Balloon rides, fishing and the enjoyment of the sites of the cities and towns of the state are also popular pastimes for tourists.

When looking where to go in Hidalgo, many travelers make a point to enjoy the Otomí cuisine that often presents delicacies such as ant larvae; On the other hand, the most popular culinary dish of Hidalgo is the barbecue, which is the official dish of the state.

Pachuca de Soto

The capital is known for many tourist attractions. One of its most popular monuments is the Monumento Clock, a clock tower that was built to commemorate the centenary of Mexico's War of Independence. The famous Church and Ex-Monastery of San Francisco, completed in 1660, also attracts many visitors to the city.

Many of the churches and colonial buildings of the city are important historical sites. Because the city is less than sixty miles from Mexico City, it remains a popular destination for weekend getaways and international visitors.

Church of San Miguel Arcángel: This spectacular church is in the city of Ixmiquilpan; It was declared a national monument in 1933.

Tula: The city of Tula is part of a famous archaeological area nationwide. The nearby ruins have an ancient Toltec capital city.

Actopan: this city is famous for its temple and former monastery of San Nicolás de Tolentino, as well as for its beloved city park, El Eroca. Many also refer to this city as the "Barbecue Land".

Mineral del Chico National Park: this region, once famous for its silver mines, is now a popular ecotourism destination. Fishing, hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking are popular activities throughout the park, a popular choice for those looking where to go in Hidalgo.

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