Best Places to See When Going to Sinaloa

When Going to Sinaloa

Best Places to See When Going to Sinaloa

Located on the northwest coast of Mexico, on the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the state of Sinaloa is home to famous Mexican destinations such as Mazatlan and its nearby islands.

Famous for its band music and several thousand years of game known as ulama, the state is full of cultural and historical attractions. Its position at sea makes it popular with vacationers.

Eating in Sinaloa

Like many Mexican states, when going to Sinaloa it has many dishes that are private to the state. With its large expanses of fresh produce and waters full of fish and shrimp, it is not surprising the locals look to Sinaloa for its delicious cuisine.

Chilorio is a famous dish made of fried pork and many spices. The state is also well known for its milk sweets and other desserts. Cities like the capital and Mazatlan are also known for many types of international cuisine such as Japanese, Italian and Thai.

When going to Sinaloa

Tourism When Going to Sinaloa

Many tourists visit the state to enjoy its beaches or other state attractions. Its most visited city is Mazatlan, a coastal tourist town known for its bright white sand beaches and spectacular surfing.

The island of Santa Maria and its surrounding islands are also well-known tourist destinations. Sport fishing for mahi-mahi, sailfish and swordfish. There are also cultural and historical attractions throughout the state.

Culiacán Rosales

Founded at the confluence of the Humaya and Tamazula rivers, where they flow into the Culiacán River, the capital was founded by Guzmán when it was initially named San Miguel de Culiacán. With a central location in the state, Culiacán is an important food processing and distribution center for the northern section of the country.

The capital is known for its cathedral, but especially for its thermal baths that attract tourists from all over to experience the spas and spas of the city based on these therapeutic waters.


This city of beach lovers is full of fabulous tourist places. Sport fishing, diving, surfing or enjoying life in the spas and resorts of the city are popular with many visitors. The restaurants are full of fresh seafood, as well as traditional and fusion cuisines.

The coast around Mazatlan and the cliffs of the island are popular for diving on cliffs. The surrounding villages offer glimpses of traditional life and you can also buy native crafts. The rural communities of Mazatlan are also famous for their ulama games; tourists can glimpse a game that has been played continuously in the region for more than three thousand years.

Other things to See and do When Going to Sinaloa

Isla de Piedra: Located to the south of Mazatlan, this island is characterized by its paradisiacal atmosphere. Pristine beaches and a landscape brimming with toucans, parrots and other majestic birds attract many eco-tourists who appreciate the timeless beauty of the island.

Los Mochis: Famous as a great city for sports, Los Mochis stands out in Mexico as a city of first class fighting. It also stands out for baseball and soccer; Many tourists and sports fans visit the city to watch a performance of their favorite sports teams.

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