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Amazing Places to See When Visiting the Yucatan, Mexico

Visiting the Yucatan

Amazing Places to See When Visiting the Yucatan, Mexico

Revered as the safest and one of the most beautiful states in Mexico, Yucatan is located in the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. It limits with both the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo.

As the center of the Mayan civilization, visiting the Yucatan state is characterized by its numerous culture attractions and archaeological ruins. In addition, the Yucatan landscape is full of beautiful beaches and tropical forests.

Yucatan Tourism

While the capital and the other major cities of the state attract many visitors each year, the jungle terrain and Mayan ruins also attract tourists to the state with promises of adventure and impressive sites of great importance.

The immense tourism industry of the state has resulted in many important amenities for tourists such as tours, hotels and spas of world class, and several places that communicate the history and culture of this extraordinary state. From beaches to tropical jungles, visitors enjoy activities such as sport fishing, diving, hiking and tourism.

Visiting the Yucatan


The capital is about twenty miles from the Gulf Coast. Of all the great cities of Mexico, the capital has the largest population of the indigenous people. Its structures are complemented by its squares, restaurants on the sidewalk and elegant hotels.

Other Things to See When Visiting the Yucatan

Chichen Itza: This ancient Mayan site is the largest Mayan site in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a UNESCO heritage site and is regarded as one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Its most recognizable structure is the El Castillo pyramid.

Uxmal: World Heritage Site of UNESCO, this Mayan city in ruins is characterized by its beauty. Palaces and courtyards make this one of the most famous archaeological sites in the state.

Cuzama: with its three impressive cenotes, Cuzama is a charming town located less than an hour from the capital.

Progreso: Located in the Mexico Gulf, this port city is known for its beaches, its pier and its lagoon.

El Cuyo: This fishing village of the Costa Esmeralda is famous for its crystal clear waters and the pink flamingos that migrate between January and September.

Arrecife Alacranes Natural Reserve: This reserve is a group of coral islands off the Yucatan coast that are famous for snorkeling and diving.

Izamal: This small city of Yucatan is located east of the capital and stands out for its Mayan and colonial sites.

Celestún: This charming town located in the Gulf of Mexico has a lighthouse from the 19th century and is revered for its vast population of birds, a fantastic town that is a must when visiting the Yucatan.

Loltun Cave: Located to the south of the city of Oxkutzcab, the Loltun cave contains spectacular Mayan cave paintings that date at least, from the Late Preclassic Era.

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