Veracruz & It’s Natural Mexican Beauty


Veracruz & It's Natural Mexican Beauty

Veracruz stands out as one of the cities with the warmest welcome to its visitors. Its streets are full of local craftsmen who make a variety of decorative figures and souvenirs, using wood as raw material, shells and sea snails.

Among the most popular souvenirs, you can find little figures of boats, different types of piggy banks, traditional masks, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The reason that the ships souvenirs are the most acquired, is because the city has the largest commercial sea port in Mexico.


Nautical tourism is one of the main attractions of the city. There is El Torneo del Sábalo (The Shad Tournament), where members of the yacht club of the port have a competition in search of the largest and heaviest shad fish. You can spend a pleasant day at the port with your family enjoying the traditional dishes of the state. The seafood dishes are the most ordered; you can choose from the famous shrimps, the spicy crab stew, the stuffed crabs, pescado a la veracruzana and many others.

As a tip, go to the city in carnival season, in February the Port of Veracruz dresses in colors for the Carnaval de Veracruz, the most famous carnival in Mexico and considered "El más Alegre del Mundo" (“The Happiest in the World”). The carnival is full of joy and magic, where you can enjoy dances and folk songs through the streets of the port. In the tradition, streets painted with vibrant colors, allegorical floats, disguises and musical representations of artists of international level are a must.

Carnival brings with it a popular ritual: “La Quema del Mal Humar (“The Burning of Bad Humor”), which is a tradition that marks the beginning of carnival season, where they usually place an evil figure representing the concerns, calamities and afflictions of the people.

The burning, full of lights and fireworks, represents a cathartic ritual to "ignite" the mood of the locals and discard the bad.


And if you want to admire the natural beauty of the city, we recommend you to visit the Aquarium of Veracruz, which is the most important aquarium in Mexico. Opening its doors since 1992 to boost national and international tourism. The aquarium is not only an entertainment site with the variety of aquatic spices, but represents an important source of knowledge and protection of underwater life. Go and enjoy all the shows they offer!

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