Tuxtla Gutierrez Vacation & Attractions That it Offers

Tuxtla Gutierrez Vacation

Tuxtla Gutierrez Vacation & Attractions That it Offers

This city is the largest of the Mexican southeast state of Chiapas, and also the capital of the area.

There are two principal celebrations in the city, one being the “Feria de San Marcos” which occurs each April in the center of the city, and the other one being the “Feria Chiapas” which normally occurs during the last Sunday of November through the first Sunday of December.

Feria de San Marcos

The day is a celebration of the patron saint of Mark the Evangelist, which normally includes offerings to him, but also shows with fireworks (called Castillos) and pilgrimages for four days starting on the 25th.

Feria Chiapas

This one on the other hand includes more typical activities of the Mexican culture like bullfights, cockfights, horse races and different kinds of exhibitions of the many products of the state that includes crafts, manufactured goods and agricultural products which make great tokens from your Tuxtla Gutierrez Vacation.

Local Activities & Places to Visit

One the places you probably will want to go during your Tuxtla Gutierrez vacation will be the “Museo de la Marimba” where you can enjoy for your ears, some of the best tunes played by “Marimbistasfor you and your family have a great time together during different shows each week.

There also the park based on the same theme of “Marimbas” which is the “Parque de la Marimba” where you can enjoy the walk but also live shows that of course are done by the same “Marimbistas” of the place on different times of the day.

Tuxtla Gutierrez vacation

If you prefer a quieter environment, you can visit too, the “Centro Cultural Jaimes Sabines” and watch the murals and different references that such murals include from the history of the city which also includes the references to Marimbas and their history.

Another great choice to have a different experience on a Tuxtla Guterrez vacation is the “Zoológico Miguel Álvarez del Toro” or in short terms “ZooMAT”, which is a zoo that is located in a wide area of the city, cover in middle jungle to give to any tourist a great experience that not only includes the typical trips during the day to watch and learn about the animals, but also a night special experience that will let you enjoy from a different point of view, how wild animals and natures work in different times of the day with or without sunlight.

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