A Tour For Guadalajara, Mexico


A Tour For Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is one of the most populated cities of Mexico from the Jalisco State. Is more knowing as one the best cities that you can visit when you are on a tour or have a vacation in Mexico and South America.

This city is recognized for have a strong culture very representative of Mexico, with groups of mariachis everywhere and traditional parties. It is most known as the land of Tequila and Mexican Silicon Valley.


The city has the advantages that offer modern places without losing the traditional touch; keep it the Mexican culture as the dance folk, the tequila, and the charreria. But there isn’t any problem for being actualized too because the city is the main technology and software producer.

Here you can find El Panteon Belen de Guadalajara is the most important architectures of funeral homes of XIX century that are famous for having many legends and mystery. Also, you can make walks for the Tlaquepaque town that is habituated for indigenous that sell artisanal accessories and objects of art with materials like clay, wood, glass and other different supplies.

Also, the center of the town is a great activity to know more about the wonders that the city offer, you can spend a time in the Jardin Hidalgo to meet with the cultural community that offers art in different objects.

El Parian is another beautiful side that you enjoy, this great park is perfect for those who are passionate about the photography and you will have the perfect landscape for it.


This city is the biggest and with more cultural influenced in all Latin America. All its streets and avenues are full of culture and Mexican beauty that represent the history of the country. This city counts with a metropolitan cathedral that has many visits from people all around the world, here you will find a neoclassic architecture and with gothic aspects that made life to it.

In Guadalajara you many different options to visit, it’s a city with a lot of activities that you should try, visit the Plaza de Guadalajara, the theaters like the Teatro Degollado, El temple Expiatorio, La Plaza de Armas and other cultural places.

Having the experience of traveling to Guadalajara will be a pleasant trip, you can enjoy activities and things to do that offer this place and also learn more about the Mexico history.

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