Things to do in Hermosillo

Things to do in Hermosillo

Things to do in Hermosillo

Hermosillo is one of the city’s that are located in the center area of Mexico, more specifically in the northwestern state of Sonora, being the capital and the largest city as well in such area. If you like the outdoors you will find many things to do in Hermosillo.

Bahia Kino

One if the best places to visit during a travel to Hermosillo is without doubt the warm waters of “Bahia de Kino” as the locals call it.

Named after father Eusebio Kino, you can enjoy on this bay, tons of activities for you and your family which includes swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing a lot of different species of fishes and of course, boating and sailing.

Things to do in Hermosillo

You can also find in front of the shoreline, the incredible “Isla de Tiburon” (Shark Island in English) which is declared an ecological zone, but there are boat trips to watch from a safety and official area, much of the island and enjoy the view of wild animals like dear and sheep’s actually living in such a place on the wild.

Some Local Attractions & Suited Places

If the bay is not for you or your family, you can also enjoy different places like the “Centro ecologico de Sonora” which is a natural zoo where you can pet different kinds of animal and watch some of them during the guide, live in an open area well cared, where all the animals live normally with the protection needed.

There’s also the “Musas Museo de Arte de Sonora” which is an art museum if you and your family like the typical “Watch and learn” from all the local culture of Sonora, and also enjoy from the different styles of paintings and sculptures you can find there.

For the kids there’s the “Parque Infantil de Sonora” which is a park for children with all kind of games and attractions so they can too enjoy a big time during your travel and stay in Sonora.

If you or your family like to walk and climb up for some exercise or just simply like to do it, there the “Cerro de la Campana”, a hill with a guided road so you can a have a great morning or afternoon doing some work for your body, and watch all the city from up the mountain which according to most of the local people of Sonora, is of the greatest views you can have, especially in the sunset.

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