The City of Mexico

The City of Mexico

The City of Mexico

Mexico hides wonderful places in its territory, since beautiful and well know beaches until magical jungles and nature. But what it catches the attention of the majority tourist people is the city of Mexico. This city was known before as the Distrito Federal and it is the official capital of Mexico and is the most populated and big urban city of the entire world, the biggest of the American continent and South America.

The biggest and most important activity that the country has is the tourism; that has a record of many visits from tourism of all different part of the world especially truly recommended for people of South America.

City of Mexico

In the city of Mexico, you will many different activities that you can do while you are taking you fantastic and relaxing vacations. This city counts with most important and the majority of museum art that refers to the history, culture, contemporary art and international art about Mexico.

This city has awesome festivities that can make you feel part of the Mexican culture; the most important celebrations that you assist are the Independent Day in the Zócalo and religious holidays as the Pasión de Jesús representation in Iztapalapa and The day of deads in Mixquic. Many of this is a demonstration of what Mexico is made.

The City has a high level of tourism because this is the most important economic activity. It’s considered the best touristic place of the nation receiving more than 13 million of foreign tourist, and best option to vacation for Latin-Americans.

One of the wonderful things of the City of Mexico is the tour that you can make to know more about it. The most recommended for tourist is the visit the Teotihuacan pyramids since another point of view and is that to see this beautiful pyramids you can make a visit in hot air balloon.

This will be a unique experience and the most exciting adventure that you can make with your friends or partner. Be part of the experience to know the heritage of the culture Maya.

City of Mexico

Making an excursion for the city of Mexico is the best opportunity to know more places, so if you’re interesting in a visit to the museum, archeological zones, the malls, local markets, the best restaurants and all the wonders of nature should look for an expedition that can travel to all these places without losing anything.

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