Oaxaca Budget Hotel Ideas

Oaxaca Budget Hotel Ideas So you are in Oaxaca, Mexico and need to find a place that you can allow or afford to keep your budget safe and sound, during your visit or pass by to, well here we will show you some of the Oaxaca budget hotel ideas that we recommend to you, to have […]

Oaxaca, The Noble And Loyal City

Oaxaca, The Noble And Loyal City In Mexico, there are many places in which you can enjoy of its beauty, culture, gastronomy. And it is not just a nice country is also recognized by the UNESCO as its diverse natural landscape and historical places as one of the most beautiful. Many of it's places have […]

A Beach Destination Named Huatulco

A Beach Destination Named Huatulco   For those that are a big fan of beaches and sea the best option for you on this summer vacations is Huatulco, it is a municipality of Mexico, located in the city of Oaxaca was founded 489 years ago. This magical place is a good option to escape from […]

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido For years, the lovely Pacific shore of Mexico has been luring water-sports fanatics, beach goers and sun-loving tourists with its sandy coast, sparkling water and also vast array of activities. Among the most cherished amongst these coastal communities is Puerto Escondido, which is situated in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. A significant part […]
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