Santiago de Queretaro In Mexico

Santiago de Queretaro

Santiago de Queretaro In Mexico

Queretaro or most know as Santiago de Queretaro is the central city of Mexico. This city has different places that are recognized by the UNESCO and are considered as a heritage cultural in the downtown area. Also, it includes the Cerro Del Sangremal and the Cerro de Las Campanas that are the most representative places in the entire city.

Santiago de Queretaro

When you visiting this city some are many things that the city offer to you that maybe you will feel a little bit overwhelmed, but for not lose anything of the city here are some places that you can visit during the days that you planned to stay.

First, you cannot let pass to visit the most important theater in Mexico which is El Teatro de la República, this place counts with different national roles in the history of the city. The constitution of the country was written there and for the first time, the national anthem of the country was played in that theater. The garden of Zenea, with has the important paper of being the financial center of Queretaro.

The museum of Arte de Queretaro it is recognized for having one of the most attractive patios of all South America. for having a great experience of making many different activities you should take a walks for the Plaza de la Corregidora, this place has made years and also offer a variety of restaurants with national food of the city and beautiful gardens perfect for your photos and nightclubs with best of DJs, a good service and the most nice music to enjoy your night.

An aqueduct is a nice place that you have to visit, it’s perfect for learn and appreciate more about the marine life and it’ll be a great experience for the most little of the house.

The state of history museum also is a good attraction for know more about Mexico and its round surroundings.

Another beautiful place is the Jardin Guerrero that is located in front of the city hall and this lovely place has a big street that is extended to the atrium of Santa Clara that is an old and extravagant church.

Santiago de Queretaro

The city of Queretaro offers many cultural places to visit you won't forget, since the beauty of its architectural places to the wonders that of its magical gardens, this experience you will want to repeat it.

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