A Journey to the Past – Palenque Ruins

Palenque Ruins

Palenque Ruins

The south of Mexico is the cradle of Maya life - one of the greatest societies in human background. Born 3 thousand years back, it is bordered with historical secrets as well as legends. Yet one of the most wonderful things is that this world is still alive. The first place to learn to know Maya is Uxmal. Then we recommend you travel to Palenque ruins - a fantastic site. One of the major regional attractions is the Holy place of Inscriptions where in 1952 there was a real treasure discovered - Maya holy place. The temple is one of the oldest Maya preserves, protected in its prehistoric state. There is additionally a Royal residence situated opposite the holy place.

Palenque Ruins

Palenque reached its grandeur in about 600-700 A/C (roughly the same time as Tikal). Nonetheless, its architecture design is really different, a much more elegant one. As an example, the Palace is just one of the very best instances of the Classic household design. Maya additionally created things of plaster. Holy place of Inscriptions was integrated in 692 AC and also is standing on a 21-meter platform. The holy place is just one of the major structures of Palenque ruins. Inside you will find massive stone slabs with different well-preserved inscriptions sculpted on them which draw out the history of this excellent city.

Hieroglyphs discovered in the temple were produced about in 700 AC. However the primary object discovered there is a tomb. Inning accordance with research, the sarcophagus was positioned inside the holy place prior to the pyramid was constructed. The Palace was erected on a significant platform (10 meters high and also 8 meters wide) as well as surrounded with stairways. This facility consists of 25 structures as well as 4 lawns, linked by narrow courses and staircases. In the south-east there is a four-story tower: the only Maya tower ever before discovered. Researchers think the tower acted as an observatory.

Palenque Ruins

The Temple of the Cross is located in the northern part, behind the Holy place of the Sunlight. A few of the discoveries on the temple's western wall surface are now kept in Regional Museum of Anthropology, Mexico city.

Finally, the Holy place of the Head situated to the right from the entryway to the Palenque ruins historical area. The temple got its name thanks to a gorgeous skeletal rabbit mask found inside.

Visit old monuments in Palenque - make a journey to the past!

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