Oaxaca, The Noble And Loyal City


Oaxaca, The Noble And Loyal City

In Mexico, there are many places in which you can enjoy of its beauty, culture, gastronomy. And it is not just a nice country is also recognized by the UNESCO as its diverse natural landscape and historical places as one of the most beautiful.

Many of it's places have different seasons in which is better to spend your vacations if you chose the right paradise in the correct moment of the year you can enjoy the holidays that each city offer. But there is one in particular that you can visit any time of the year and you with your family will not regret.


The city of Oaxaca is a municipality of the same name that is located in central valleys. It is the most populated and extensive city after the Mexico City. It was named for King Carlos I of Spain as "the noble and loyal city" of Mexico.

Any time of the year is good to visit this beautiful city but if you will be around the month of March there is the celebration of the Jacaranda which is a known holiday of the city. All the season that has Mexico like colonial, modern, independent, contemporary and prehispanic are pronounced in their tourist places like museums, buildings even in the streets and every corner of the city you can appreciate the beauty and history of Mexico.

All the wonders that offer of the Oaxaca city, its parties, gastronomy, colonial treasures, folklore and more are waiting for you, making a travel to the city you must visit the Plaza de Los Danzantes in which you can appreciate the Aztec and Teotihuacan constructions.

The Edificio J you can see the battle and goals that make Monte Alban. Also if you pass for The Santa Maria Atzompa you can find many famous figures made of mud which is important part of the culture Oaxaca.


Also, you can visit the center of a town named La Crucecita where you can appreciate the beauty of the beaches and bays. Make pleasant walks to the markets to see the handicrafts and dresses made by hand.

Walking through the markets you can taste the delicious typical gastronomy of the region like the chocolate, chapulines, fruits and many different tasty foods. Definitely, visit the city of Oaxaca is one the tourist sites that you should know on your summer vacations.

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