Oaxaca Budget Hotel Ideas

Oaxaca Budget Hotel

Oaxaca Budget Hotel Ideas

So you are in Oaxaca, Mexico and need to find a place that you can allow or afford to keep your budget safe and sound, during your visit or pass by to, well here we will show you some of the Oaxaca budget hotel ideas that we recommend to you, to have a balance idea of budget and quality of what you want and how much you want to save in it.

Oaxaca budget hotel

Holiday Inn Express Centro Historico Oaxaca

The budget for this one is so far from around 73$, and is pretty near from the center of the city, so you can reach it pretty quickly by just walking from it.

Most comments from the hotel indicates that it have a pretty nice service with breakfast included, and most of the staff speak on English so language won’t be a problem.

Rooms and design are pretty attractive and clean and the pool is one way to have refresh from the day.

Mision de Los Angeles

This one have different costs depending of the room you are interested, the average is 50$ to 68$.

Most rooms are simple but clean and good enough to feel nice and comfortable during your sleep or stay in the hotel.

Most comments indicates that the hotel have a friendly staff and pretty balanced breakfast, but one issue on some seasons seems to be the noise of vehicles and people if they are partying or doing any celebration nearby.

Hotel Trebol

The regular budget for this one is 34$ and the strong point of the hotel it’s the location, since is in the very heart of the city and almost everything seems to be nearby of it by just walking.

Most people find really appealing that aspect of the hotel since is from what is recommended and the rooms and price are pretty regular but still good enough for the cost.

The only downside seems to be the temperature for tourist on some seasons and can get pretty hot quickly during the morning and afternoon. When looking for a Oaxaca Budget hotel this one is well worth more thought!

Oaxaca Budget hotel

Hotel Posada del Centro

Well this one is the most humble of the ones we recommend, but is still a nice hotel with clean rooms and space and it really appeals to the Mexican culture decoration since it have even mini attractions with many funny stuff based on it.

The price is just of 16$ and the location of this one also helps too to reach most of the places of the city.

The downsides seems to be that some of the rooms have no windows and the heat can get annoying pretty quickly that not even the fan will solve for most of the day time.

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