Merida City And The Beauty That It Hides

Merida City

Merida City And The Beauty That It Hides

Mexico has different attractions that you visit while you are on summer vacations or if you travel there for work and have some free days to see the city and its attractions. With its many beauties and cities, there is one in particular that you can choose and feel like in home. Merida City is a peaceful paradise full of beauties and wonderful streets.

It is a combination of elegance and traditional things. With a variety of luxury houses and buildings also keeps the traditional culture that represents the country, with colonial houses, ruins that still having the touch of the culture Maya and much other architecture.

Merida City

The city has a great option of gastronomy, it does not the only count with traditional food of the country or representative of the nation also it offers international food that will be of your liking. The main Plaza and the most visit for tourists it an exciting site in which you can find different locals that sell traditional drinks of the region such as the Champola or the Sorbet.

Merida City also has another name that was created for the Lonely Planet; it called American Capital of culture in 2017, recommended it as one of the most popular and magnifies places that you can visit in 2017.

The White city as it knows too is an economic culture of Yucatan here you can make walks for the Paseo Montejo. This is a traditional park in which you can appreciate the beauty of all houses that are located in the Porfiriato, as well a fresh nature that will make you feel in peace.

You must visit the Colon Ice Shop  whilst in Merida City it is perfect for hot afternoons and if you are traveling with kids this place would be their little paradise of happiness.

Merida City

To know more about the history of this place you can go to the Museum regional of Anthropology where there are a lot of fascinating events that occur in the past.

If you’re with a group of friends make a tour of the region when you can make a ride on the Calandria will be an unforgettable experience and the best part is that you can enjoy even more while you're riding. The gastronomy in Merida City is a pleasant thing too because the city offers a variety of international and national foods and drinks.

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