Manzanillo, Beaches, Romance & Tranquillity


Manzanillo | Beaches, Romance & Tranquillity

The city of Manzanillo is a great tourist spot in Mexico. One of the reasons is the perfect weather in the area, always ready to let you have a sunny day full of fun. As a first recommendation, you need to visit Playa Miramar, all you have to do is take a bus from downtown.

A common activity at the beach is surfing, you can rent a board and surf the soft waves that hit the coast. You can also do a mini tour of the surroundings to get to know the wildlife.


All visitors at the beach receive a warm and friendly treatment, so go explore and try the amazing sea food at the restaurants closer to the beach. The visitorsfavorite dish is the "Manzanillo" ceviche.

You can support the local talent by buying some handicrafts. The most popular ones are traditional embroidery clothing and rhinestones made of sea shells and snails. If you go downtown, you can take a nice walk through the streets to visit bars and cafes.

The Manzanillo center was remodeled, displaying buildings and stores with a beautiful modern architecture. There, is the emblematic monument of the city, the "Pez Vela" (“The Aailfish”). A work that emphasizes in an emblematic way the port’s origins. Don’t forget to take a picture with it!

As for the festivities they have the “Fiestas de Mayo” (“The May Festivities”), a celebration dedicated in highlighting the city of Manzanillo. The festivities offer various shows and attractions for all visitors, such as the big beauty pageant, horseback riding, sports competition, artistic and cultural events, as well as a shopping area for handicrafts and food stands for your selection.


Also, you can enjoy the carnival parties held in February, to live the excitement of the spectacular parades full of color and people smiling as well as the coronation of the king and queen of the carnival.

Children can also have a good time, participating in the parades filled with crazy costumes. There will be no boring night during carnival season, you can go to any corner of the city and you will find a group of folk music that will put you to dance.

Or, you can opt for something more quiet, like having a romantic night in one of the beautiful beaches. You will have so many options that you will need to make a list!

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