The Golden Sands Of Acapulco


The Golden Sands Of Acapulco

The beach destination with most international fame in Mexico is Acapulco. This place offers an attractive nature place that reflects the beauty of the seas and golden sands. With a tropical weather and warm waters, this is the best option for taking your vacations.

This place attracts those who are lovers of beaches and the sea it will satisfy all your tastes and also bring more than one attraction for making the travel the best experience that you can have.


The bay of Santa Lucia you can have a wonderful view of the port also there is the maritime fortress most important of the Pacific, as well the museum of San Diego – Histórico de Acapulco in which offer the history of the first people that populated the site and the adventures that occur in the port, like the conquest of the south seas, the piracy that occur in the Pacific ocean and other relevant facts that happened in the city years ago.

Also, you can find recently expositions with others institutions as the museum of the Virreinato or private compilations that are part of a patrimony.

There is a place name La Quebrada that has a giant rock of 35 meters of height, it is at the shore of the sea and it is a perfect way to make a jump to the sea.

Another tourist place that you must visit is La Casa de los Vientos, in here you can find different and famous painting as well there is La Serpiente Emplumada that is a wall painting for the most painter of the history of Mexico Diego Rivera.


At night the culture in Acapulco is so active for those who still want to enjoy the sea, it is the option to go swimming at night and enjoy the wonderful waters, also make walks through the beach and see the sunset will be a great experience that you can live or sharing with your partner and make one of the most special and romantic nights in Acapulco.

The center of Acapulco has many attractions of your likes and of all ages that you can enjoy with your family and some of them are especially for the most little of the house. So for having a good time of joy, happiness, and fun you should visit Acapulco and explore all the wonders that this tropical paradise offer to you.

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