Diving in Mexico | Mexico’s Top Pacific Diving Sites

Diving in Mexico

Diving in Mexico | Mexico's Top Pacific Diving Sites

Mexico is an exceptional country because of its history and culture, and also thanks to its geographical position between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Mexico has beautiful rainforests, deep cenotes and underwater fauna of exceptional density.

Few know it, but in southeastern Mexico is the second largest reef in the world. The coast of Mexico offers the opportunity to dive into some of the best dive sites in the world. Mexico has many exceptional dive sites.

Diving in Mexico

There are two main areas for diving in Mexico: the Caribbean and especially Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel and Cancun, famous for its unique underwater museum MUSA. Baja California borders the Pacific Ocean, known as the largest aquarium in the world by Jacques Cousteau.

Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park: Cozumel is an island that is surrounded almost entirely by coral reefs, which makes it an exceptional destination for diving. It can perform many recreational activities, education, dips, etc. In addition, its excellent weather (about 25 degrees all year) and its biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine, further elevate its status paradise.

Sea of Cortez: this is an extension of the Pacific Ocean. also it possesses a rich biodiversity due to factors such as nutrients water temperature and the amount of light received. Therefore, at the time Jacques-Yves Cousteau called this sea the "world's aquarium". Another peculiarity of this sea are its tides, one of the largest around the planet that sometimes reach record differences of up to 9 meters between high and low tide.

The best time to go diving in Mexico depends mainly on the region, east or west, where you plan your diving holiday. On the eastern coast, the best time to dive in the Caribbean is from November to April. The hurricane season is from July to November and the tourist season from December to March.

On the west coast, the best time to dive in Baja California is from May to November with hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. From December to May, you can dive with whales in the Sea of Cortez (Baja) but the water is colder and has less visibility.

Diving in Mexico

The months between November and March, when the temperatures drop in Playa del Carmen some animals appear to once feared and worshiped.

Bull sharks are presented in Playa del Carmen, between 20 and 25 meters deep, and many divers bull sharks, sharks able to reach 3.5 meters in length and come to see, without any cage, 300 kilos of weight.

Dive with bull sharks in the wild is an unforgettable experience for any diver, an adrenaline rush under the sea that does not leave anyone indifferent.

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