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  • Day of the Dead Mexico 2018: Be Ready to wear Skull Costumes

Day of the Dead Mexico 2018: Be Ready to wear Skull Costumes

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Day of the Dead Mexico

Day of the Dead Mexico: Be Ready to Wear Skull Costumes!

The Day of the Dead Mexico festival is celebrated throughout Mexico between October 31 and November 2. It’s a spirited celebration commemorated to honor the deceased loved ones. It’s not a day when people mourn and shed tears for their loved ones who passed away, in fact, it’s a colorful celebration.

Day of the Dead Mexico

The Belief about the Three-Day Celebration

The origin of the festival dates back to almost 3000 years. Traditionally the festival was about celebrating the goddess called Lady of the Dead. Over time it has evolved, adding new rituals and practices to honor deceased children and adults turning into a three-day festival.

It’s a popular belief that on Oct 31, the spirits of dead children descend on earth and visit their families, thus it’s called “Day of Little Angels.” On November 1, adult spirits come to visit and hence called “All Saints Day.” November 2 is considered “Day of the Dead.” Families visit cemeteries and embellish the graves and spend the whole day there praying, eating and drinking.

How do People Celebrate the Day of the Dead Mexico?

Day of the Dead Mexico is the celebration of life and death. Though, this fiesta is native to Mexico but it’s celebrated in other parts of America as well. The striking fete captured the imagination of UNESCO in 2008.

The essence of the carnival is ofrenda, also known as altar that is prepared in homes and cemeteries to welcome the spirits of dead. Ofrenda involves offerings like water, food, and candles. Food and water is essential as people think that their loved ones would be hungry and thirsty after a long journey. Food involves the traditional Mexican dishes. You can welcome the spirits by offering their favorite foods and drinks. The most common type of the food is bread of the dead.

Day of the Dead Mexico

People dress up as skeletons. The most captivating part of the carnival is people of all age groups get their faces artfully painted. Some people wear the skulls and colorful dresses.

The celebration way differs from town to town. In Oaxaca, schools and social organizations go in for the best altars contest. Similarly in Patzcuaro, folk music and dance is performed in the cemetery. In Aguascalientes, the carnival is celebrated with exhibitions featuring handicrafts, traditional foods, and concerts. The magnetism of the gala is the grand parade of Calaveras. In the same way, Chiapas celebrates the fete by adorning the cemeteries by colorful flowers, ribbons, and candles. A musical rendition is performed to amuse the deceased.

So if you are thinking to go to Mexico, always make a trip around October end and November beginning. You will have an incredible experience.

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