The Veracruz City Museum

The Veracruz City Museum The Veracruz City Museum is housed in a building that occupies the southwest corner formed by the ancient streets of Bitterness and Condesa, today Zaragoza Avenue and Calle Esteban Morales, respectively, in the historic center of Veracruz. The property is a two storey building of neoclassical architecture veracruzana feature s middle […]

Veracruz & It’s Natural Mexican Beauty

Veracruz & It's Natural Mexican Beauty Veracruz stands out as one of the cities with the warmest welcome to its visitors. Its streets are full of local craftsmen who make a variety of decorative figures and souvenirs, using wood as raw material, shells and sea snails. Among the most popular souvenirs, you can find little […]
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