Campeche Tourism & Activities

Campeche Tourism & Activities

Campeche Tourism & Activities

Campeche is known for being officially a free and Sovereign State that is located in the southeast of Mexico somewhat near of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Many of the attractions from the territory of the city are based on the Mayan culture that’s used to be from the natives in the past, and the city itself, is filled with various archeological sites which most of them were made by the same Mayans on the days they used to have ceremonies and many other activities around the territory that is now the city of Campeche (and of course most of Mexico).

Campeche Tourism

Campeche Tourism & Activities

In Campeche the main thing to do for any tourist or any visitor who is passing by for the first time in the territory, is visit most of the archeological sites that the city offers.

There are many structures that can catch up your interest in the city, since most of them are hard to miss, and many of this structures still keep a considerable well cared status and durability, making it possible to not only watch most of them, but also climb up, enter in some of them too, but of course with the right guide and the proper’s safety measures taken, in most of them at least

Do not think that most of this structures on the city are just statues or any big decoration deity of some kind, the most you will find and will want to see are the temples and gates, which are restricted to archeological zones, but are open to the public to visit them and take any photo you will like, besides of course the experience of being in such places.

Museums are everywhere; in fact this is probably one of the cities with more museums in Mexico, so having an explorer adventure with the family, or if you are interested in learning more about the Mayans and their culture, this is the perfect place for you to do it so and a hot bed for Campeche tourism.

Campeche tourism

The Cathedral and palace of Campeche are amazing too, the first one, like most of the cathedrals in Mexico, is very well take cared and you can ask to the priests to show you around if you like to and even going up in the cathedral to have a great view of the city.

The second one (Palace) are mostly for walking a having a simple but great time with your couple and family, with many lights shows and colors to keep the place live up during nights and feel comfortable during your visit to it.

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