The Best Cancun Family Hotels

The Best Cancun Family Hotels

The Best Cancun Family Hotels

Cancun, mostly known as the Mexican destination to go and party, holiday, relax and forget about your problems whilst going wild, is also a very family friendly environment since Cancun is actually a touristic place that offers all kinds of activities and places to have fun and a great time for all kinds of people, families, couples, friends, you name it.

We take a look at some of the best Cancun family hotels so you can enjoy your visit and avoid the hustle and bustle of the party scene. 

best Cancun family hotels

Here we will show you some of the best Cancun family hotels/resorts that we recommend you to have a stay that will allow you to do any kind of activities with all your family and children without caring about the exclusivity or quality of it.

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

If luxury is what you want (and your budget allows it) this is the place you need.

Known for being one the biggest properties of “The Palace”, this resort includes as the name subjects, a golf course with a field so wide that it would be the first thing you will notice once you near the place, and some of the best spa treatments around the world that will take out any stress or problems out of your mind and body, that will make your family feel reborn for or wanting to lay down for hours in the bed or just ready to do anything.

There is of course more on it, the mini theater, snack bar, kids’ playgrounds (with many activities and different areas for them to choose), kart course, art room, doll house, and many more that well you will find rooms and stuff that you don’t even known can exist.

Paradisus Cancun All Inclusive

This resort is also based on pyramids (is like a thing for some resorts) with all the 5 of them connected.

Kids normally find this place really appealing since it have really open areas and wide space to walk and no fell compressed, but also most of the activities can be done together with them, like the golf, pool, gym and the restaurants most of the time have a table ready for you to have a meal and not wait for it.

Best Cancun Family Hotels

Iberostar Cancun

This hotel is pretty unique with the pyramid style design and is pretty near from the airport to just 15 minutes in car to reach it.

The hotel offers many activities like tennis court, golf and mini golf, and of course some activities for the children with some playgrounds just for them.

The giant pool covers almost all of the main hotel area, and for some reason, this hotel is normally used for conventions and similar events, so is common to find social groups of some kind reunited on those occasions. 

For a more vacation in one place type of resort when looking for Cancun family hotels the Iberostar is a popular choice with young families.

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