A Beach Destination Named Huatulco


A Beach Destination Named Huatulco


For those that are a big fan of beaches and sea the best option for you on this summer vacations is Huatulco, it is a municipality of Mexico, located in the city of Oaxaca was founded 489 years ago.

This magical place is a good option to escape from the routine and breath air fresh, have a relaxing time in which you can be concentered on yourself and forget about all those things that keep your stressed in your daily day.


The breeze of the sea will relax you and the sunlight will make to your skin a beautiful Caribbean color. One of the amazing bays that you should visit in Huatulco is the Parque Nacional de Bahías this peaceful paradise was declared a protect reservation of Mexico.

Huatulco is an earthly paradise in which you can realize many types of activities like diving for the amazing reefs and take classes of Kayak as a fun and extreme sports activity. But if you prefer to have a calm activity you can make a horse ride for the beach. Huatulco also offers hotels and places of luxury, restaurants, and nightclubs of international category and fame.

Huatulco is a beautiful place that offers unique nature and ecological conservation that will make you appreciate more the beauty of Mexico and the importance of taking care the planet. Visiting this place you cannot lose the nine bays that are around it, like Santa Cruz that is the most important center economic and tourist place, it offers hotels; malls, bars, restaurants and all type of activities that make you feel comfortable.


Also in the south, you have the beach that has a calm sea in which you can have fun with your family. If you’re a big fan of the golf, this place is the right one for you because you can pass an afternoon playing golf at the Tangolunda Bay.

For those who are passionate about the adventure, diving is a great option that offers all the bays of Huatulco as well extreme aquatic sports like kayak, windsurf, rappels … taking baths of clay is a very relaxing activity that you can enjoy in the town of Bocana, and visit the Parque Eco – Arqueológico Copalita that was modernized but still have the culture Aztec in their spaces. The history and culture Aztec is an important aspect of the Huatulco.

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