Awesome Cancun Vacation Budget Hotels

Cancun Vacation Budget Hotels

Awesome Cancun Vacation Budget Hotels!

Cancun is a tropical paradise to which many people go every year and many times are left with the desire. The beaches of Cancun are recognized as the best in the world and have become an attractive tourist site both for Mexicans and for the rest of the world.

When a traveller or family wants to go to Cancun, they usually look for good hotels that are affordable and affordable. Here we will introduce you to some of the hotels in Cancun vacation budget hotels with affordable prices for the whole family or even friends.

Comfort Inn Cancun Airport

This hotel is known as one of the cheapest in Cancun, a room for two people can cost from $ 71 per night. The room rental includes breakfast, has the advantage of being very close to the airport and the staff is very attentive. This hotel is usually for visitors who do not intend to spend many days, usually, go merchants or people to do business.

Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas

A room for 2 people in this hotel costs from $ 151, has the basic services of a hotel; pool, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, bar-restaurant, and others. The hotel is quite simple; it has some nighttime entertainment such as movie night and activities at the bar. The location of the hotel is quite close to the beach and it is also very close to the center of the city. This hotel can be ideal for a couple who wants to get to know Cancun and simply enjoy the nights at the hotel.

Vacation Specials

This hotel is a fairly simple 3 and a half star hotel, it has the basic services of all the hotels and its comments on the internet are quite nice. It is a little cozy, has a pool, Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms and very pleasant staff service. Rooms at this hotel cost from $ 50 per night. Several inhabitants have mentioned that the bathrooms in the rooms are small; however, it is due to the design of the Ibis hotels. Of rest, they are very good Cancun vacation budget hotels.

Cancun vacation budget hotels

LQ Hotel by La Quinta

This is located in downtown Cancun and is a fairly accessible hotel. Rooms cost $ 77, $ 80 and $ 95. It has most of the services as those mentioned above; however, the tenants who have arrived at this hotel have left completely satisfied with their services. The nightlife in the LQ is quite active, the activities in the restaurant are entertaining and you can participate adults and children.

Hotel Margaritas

This hotel is 2 stars, but that does not mean it is a simple hotel or that its services are inefficient. In the hotel Margaritas, you can find family rooms at good prices; these can vary between $ 52 and $ 96 according to the capacity of people and services included. The rooms are very spacious and have different spaces; in addition, the pool is a pretty fun place, especially for children. Without a doubt, it is an economical option to enjoy a vacation with the family in Cancun.

 Just as there are many more hotels in Cancun, these are some of the cheapest and most comfortable. If your intention is to save a little and enjoy other things of Cancun, then these Cancun vacation budget hotels are worth adding to the list.
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