The Ancient City Of Tulum

The Ancient City Of Tulum

The Ancient City Of Tulum

Tulum is a city located in Quintana Roo at the southeast of Mexico; this city was a territory of the ancient culture Maya. Actually is part of the Rivera Maya and has a town that has changed and was modernized by the pass of the years and keeps the same name that had in the past "Tulum". This city was declared one of the most important places all around the world by the UNESCO.


The ancient's Maya ruins that are located in the Caribbean Sea are found in the archeological area of the zone, that still perceiving the wonder of the culture Maya.

Tulum has many beaches that are recognized for being beautiful and one of the best beaches of the Rivera Maya like is Playa del Paraiso, in which you can organize trips to the Barrera de Coral Mesoamericana that is a famous place in the zone. The reservation of the Biosphere Sian Ka'an is the biggest of the region and has many touristic places like the tropical jungle, beaches, coral reefs, cenotes, and dunes.

The city counts with many attractions and natural tourists places like its cenotes there is one that is the most famous and visited for the people that is the Gran cenote of Tulum, here you can organize a day full of swimming and diving into the caves. It’s a quiet place in which you can enjoy about de marine life.

With its clean water, you will fell in love immediately of the cenotes of Tulum. Also if you’re lucky while you diving you can find animals like marine turtles or many different groups of fishes. So if you are interesting for the marine life the Cenote of Tulum is your best option for visiting.  


If you’re those who like the adventure in the mountain you must go to the protection and conservation of environment park Aktun Chen, here you can take tours to know more about the nature that is around it.

Also, brings you the opportunity of slip on the zip line between the tree and have a moment of excited and action while you enjoy the beauty of nature and birds. Or you can choose an underground trip, which you swimming in the river and let go for the flow of the river to another cave. If you like the adventure Tulum is the place for you.

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