The 3 Best Mexico Honeymoon Resorts

Best Mexico Honeymoon Resorts

The 3 Best Mexico Honeymoon Resorts

One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos

This resort is considered one of the best in Mexico and has been around since 1956.

It’s a luxury one so the level of treatment and personal care are in the best quality and professional work you can find, that also includes a restaurant with most of the best meals of the Mexican culture, a screening room, a 24 hour butler and why not a, personal trainer.

The beach is always kept in perfect condition so the honeymoon can always have a nice time for relaxation, activities like swimming, volleyball, surfing, and many more. A real treat when looking for the best Mexico honeymoon resort.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Riviera Maya

If you and your recent Husband/Wife want a more natural or different experience to enjoy the honey, this resort is of the best for it.

You can find here a unique and complex shaded canals which you will float on to your room by believe or not, a boat.

There’s also the spa which have both the options of a more closed area or a more nature an open environment, to enjoy the warm air of the steam just how is most suited and how you desire to enjoy it, together with your couple.

Since is a most natural kind of resort, activities like yoga (floating yoga too) and massages are some of the best, made by professionals in the subject that are just the perfect combination to go the restaurant just right after those activities.

There is so much choice for accommodation in Mexico but you have to admit, this has to be one of the best Mexico honeymoon resorts.

best Mexico honeymoon resorts

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Riviera Maya

This resort is also one of the nature kind, but this one doesn’t skip on the luxury department or architectural creativity.

The level of details and attention to all structures are pretty amazing, so you will find most of the time feeling in a high cost Hotel or Spa rather than a natural environment resort that mix luxury with nature just to give you and your couple, the time of their lives.

There are also most of the expected activities in the water, which are pretty clever since the resort have a pool system with most of them connected to each other and a dining area floating on top of the water amongst the mangroves.

The one thing that actually makes this resort to have a try is the rainforest treatment at the spa, since is a unique experience that not all resorts can offer which includes a hydrotherapy circuit and a relaxing 90-minute massage that will make just feel young again.
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