The Materials Used is What Makes a 1911 Holster Worth Choosing

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1911 holster is made from highly durable leather, with a tough nylon lining for extra protection of your weapon. It features a thumb break strap for added safety and an extra-deep belt loop for secure positioning on your side. It will be your go-to for any pistol. Made of full grain leather and hand stitched, this durable holster is built to last. It is the ideal concealed carry option. This features a tuckable design, a steel-reinforced thumb break and an adjustable retention strap so you can customize your draw to suit you. This holster comes with an adjustable cant system which allows the user to set the weapon’s angle for better concealment and comfort. This was designed by a world-class competitor to ensure that you can train with your preferred setup.


It is designed to protect your pistol from body heat and moisture. This ensures the gun’s finish will stay clean and unscathed. It is ideal for those who need a quality holster that can be carried all day long while remaining comfortable. This is the holster that made its maker famous: a well-made, high-quality leather holster featuring their time-tested design. It is custom designed to fit any belt, it is a versatile and durable carry solution.


The 1911 Gun Holster is an easy to use, strong, and comfortable holster for your 1911 pistol. It is constructed of 100% leather and is designed to fit your M1911. It is made with premium leather and durable double stitching. Your beloved pistol will be secured in place while you’re on the go. It is made in the USA and designed specifically for 1911 pistols, their holster is a classic American design that is as durable as it is good looking. It’s loaded with features like “retention” with thumb break, inside belt loop attachment and more.


Materials that Offer Durability and Safety


Built to last and designed for your daily carry, it is the perfect option for anyone looking for a high-quality holster. Made from full grain leather, this holster is designed to fit a variety of 1911 models. Part of the Heritage collection, this holster is designed to fit the standard 1911 platform handgun. With a corrosion resistant blued finish, black leather and stainless steel hardware, this holster can be worn on duty or during your leisure time.


Known for its double and single action trigger, the 1911 is one of America’s favorite handguns. The holster was designed to both protect the gun, but give you quick access when needed. This is a simple, yet elegant design holster. It allows the wearer to carry their 1911 pistol securely and comfortably without binding. With the magazine safely tucked away, this holster leaves you with a professional looking draw. The most distinguishing characteristic of this holster is its retention strap that helps to keep the gun snugly in place while on your hip.


Holsters for Any Body Type


Durability, comfort, security and style are all important features for a holster. This 1911 gun holster is made from durable leather and stiffened textile material that covers the trigger guard to protect both the gun and your leg from accidental discharge. It also has an adjustable thumb break retention strap, which allows you to set the tension according to your preferences.


This is a beautiful holster. Handcrafted in America and finely detailed, this holster will make any user happy. The 1911 gun holster can also be engraved with up to five letters on the front side of the holster. These holsters are made to order and ship within 3-4 weeks of purchase.

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