The advantages of the fire blanket

The fire blanket(which is the term in Thaiผ้าห่มขนหนู) is defined as a safety element, also known as a fire blanket, serves to quell fire hazards and prevent possible burns during the fire evacuation process. This blanket has sheets of flexible material intended to extinguish small fires by suffocation. Every fire starts with a small fire and rapid action can prevent a catastrophe.

It is advisable to have a fire blanket in the home, offices, laboratories, industrial kitchens, cars, etc. since it is a fire protection system of easy and fast handling. It is also effective in blocking heat and acting as a barrier when fleeing a fire; you just have to cover yourself with the fire blanket and run to a safe area.

It is also effective when you must cover a person whose clothes are on fire and turn it off, saving their lives in this way. Its easy use and lightness means that it can be used by anyone, including people with limited physical abilities.

The fire blanket does not require maintenance, and is a good safety system to put out small fires, you just have to replace it if you have used it.

How can this defend fire

This can possibly defend you from fire because it is made with fabrics and cottons that has a strong content in it. Fire is one thing that is no joke, it can burn down a building talk more of your skin,  the blanket can  protect you from dangerous burns.

More Reason why you Need fire Blanket

Most times when are house is burning down, people in there only hope  and pray for the fire services to come save them and get them out, but when you have a fire Blanket in your house, you can easily take and wrap yourself up and run through the fire with getting hurt, because most times people waiting for the fire services make it out but not always alive.

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