Removing the vehicle sun visor reflect

Use your hand to evacuate the plastic edge that is around the car sun visor(this is the term in Thai หลังคาบังแดดรถยนต์) mirror and leave with both frame and broken mirror. The mirror area is appeared here and the vehicle sun visor is to permit it cut on the casing to fit on its partner that is inside the sunshade.

Save vehicle sun visor reflect

Go to any vehicle extras shop , get a particular vehicle sun visor.

Try not to use a thick family unit reflect, on the grounds that it could be perilous for the most part Incase of an auto collision and regardless of whether it’s a little mishap, it can cause a major harm.

Evaluate the enhanced one on your sun visor outline. It certainly should be formed to fit to the favored size.

Make use of a glass shaper to cut the mirror

Continuously ensure the glass shaper sharp edge is proceeding onward the line you attracted to cut , don’t stop until the glass start breaking in a small scale pieces. Take the mirror to the contrary side and you will see the line you just made.

Ensure you hold the mirror tight then you draw out your forceps in a sudden signals so you have the option to break the undesirable piece of glass a little bit at a time until you have an ideal width and length of the mirror.


The forceps are to be held opposite to the notch line

At that point you ensure your developments are downwards have the score line on top

Your motion is to be quick and short

Put on an eye google glass so you can shield your eye from glass particles.

In the wake of going to through this methodology and procedures you an umbrella for the car(this is the term in Thai ร่มสําหรับรถ) in other to endeavor sure or your endeavors won’t go in vane.

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