Make your japan takayama tours Worth the Money By Attending the Takayama festival 

Takayama or the Hida-Takayama is in the mountainous region of Hida. The mountainous stretch lies in the Gifu Prefecture. The place is one of the few Japanese places where you can still witness the traditional touches in the lifestyle. The preservation of the old town is itself sufficient to prove the traditional mentality of the people there. It can be a prime location in Japan to you only if you want to add the essence of rural Japanese flavor to your tour. During the feudal ages, the place gained much popularity due to the production of the high quality of timber. The architectural skils of the carpenters also became a source of popularity.

Takayama festival

If you are serious about visiting this place, then you must visit at the time of the famous Takayama Festival. There are three main festivals in Japan, and Takayama Festival is one of them along with the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and Chichibu Yomatsuri. You can witness this festival twice in a year, once in spring and again in autumn. The Spring festival is an attractive part of the japan takayama tourswhich is the annual festival happening in the southern part of the old town. It is the festival of the Hie Shrine. The Spring Festival also goes by the name of the Sanno Festival.

Special attractions

Once you are there to attend the Spring or Autumn festival, you will know that the place is worth a visit. On each of the two days of the festival, the festival floats are on display on the streets of the city. But being bad weather, these floats stay inside the storehouses. But the visitors can still take a look at these popular floats as the gates o the storehouse remain open. The Karakuri ningyo is the assembly of the mechanical dolls that can perform dance and move too.

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